I was just looking at some of my blog stats (I’ve moved into the 130,000 range on Technorati!) and noticed I BlogSpurt.

What is a BlogSpurt?  It’s when you don’t post for a while then suddenly post a lot.  Or maybe you always post a bit but suddenly post a whole bunch.  It’s a BlogSpurt.

So I bought the domain.  That’s my 93rd active domain! doesn’t go anywhere (yet) and might never.  But I like the name.  It even sounds a little dirty!



  1. I use GoDaddy for my domains…

    Paul… no blog. I don’t have the time. My son has one at but he doesn’t keep it up.

  2. Odd – last night it told me that domain was taken. And I checked for typos twice :). No matter – I gots plenty of them,

  3. @david … not very active either… 😉
    Btw… where can I find YOUR blog?

  4. oh yeah… well now I own


  5. Heh – so you would ask the question Paul. Actually let’s call them registered then, and not active. 🙂

  6. Why do you call it an ‘active’ domain when it’s “not going anywhere”?

  7. such.a.guy.