Boing Boing: – the anti-EULA

My thanks to Bruce for this one! I love it, and I want to help them – I think I’ll buy some of the T-Shirts and send them to the sites I think have the worst Terms of Use!

Welcome to — where we make mincemeat of End User License Agreements. As you move through space, as you look at the Web, when you buy things, when you travel, it’s increasingly the case that you end up making “agreements” to give up your rights. For example, by installing software, you might give up the right to sue the company that made it if it didn’t work. Or by subscribing to an online music service, you might give up your right to loan the songs you buy to a friend. When you install a game like World of Warcraft, you agree to install spyware on your computer. When you sign your credit-card slip at Best Buy or Fry’s, you waive all kinds of rights you get under consumer protection law.

Source: Boing Boing: – the anti-EULA