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Interesting article – I hadn’t really considered the branding implications of this when I saw it on the news – but if someone had asked me who’s cars were on the ship, I could have told them Mazda. I didn’t remember the ship name, but I did remember the automobile brand.

I never owned a Mazda, and as further proof of your point, I wouldn’t consider buying one right now – not until I understand the disposition of this cargo.

I think a win-win might be to collect as much insurance as possible and sell the rest for scrap — even if it costs Mazda tens of millions they can assure their customers that the brand is in tact, and that they have done the right thing.

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  1. Just wait – in time these two will merge – after that happens one of two others will happen – either you will have to throw away ALL of your receivers (doubtful) to get the new company feed, or you’ll be able to tune in the combined company on your existing receiver (likely).

    The amount of money being pumped into satellite radio cannot sustain both of these companies – not at the current adoption rate (and the current cost of programming for people like Howard Stern and Oprah!).

    They’ll merge – it will be painful for a while, and a stronger company will come out of it. Hopefully it won’t mean less choices – hopefully it would mean more. It could go either way.

    I’ve stayed away from satellite radio this long for just that reason – I have to buy the HW, and I don’t want any (more) useless hardware.

    Besides, both XM and Sirius have stuff I want to listen too – perhaps they should consider a cross licensing agreement!


  2. Well, Paul will be able to relate to this: I just reviewed the Mazda site since I decided to dream about new cars for a moment and *gasp* the car is already loaded with a Sirius only receiver. Err, I am an XM subscriber and I couldn’t deselect that item when I went to build that cute little red RX-8 with leather interior. BAH. Never mind. Scrap your damn cars, I don’t care.

  3. True, unless you HAD A CHOICE between an RX-8 that stood 80 degrees on it’s side in frigid weather hanging on retraining straps, or one that had a gentle passage. Does it make a difference? I don’t k now – I doubt Mazda even knows.

    But me – I would prefer the one that had the gentle ride, if I had my choice. I *might* pick on of the “80-degree-ers” if I KNEW it was an 80 degree-er, and I got some sort of compensation for taking it, in lieu of another that hadn’t been subjected to those circumstances.


  4. I respect Mazda, had one for a lot of years that performed with little to no headaches. Why is this such a headache? I don’t think so. Wouldn’t stop me from getting an RX-8 if I could!