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Update #2 – they got him out, and believe it or not, it looks like he may have a broken foot – possibly not even that!  They say it was a stolen vehicle, and that there was a “pursuit, but not a high speed chase” – whatever that means!

Update – Video Link

 This is the most unusual wreck I’ve seen – the resue is still going on now – all the local stations are covering it live (even skipped showing the national news).









How he got wedged in there is unknown at this point – but the driver is alive, and may have a broken leg (pinned under the dash).









They have the vehicle strapped with at least 4 cables to keep it from falling to the concrete below.


  1. Did you notice in that video link that this was NOT the first time this has happened? Apparently it happened in Dec ’06 too. I love the TX-DOT comment regarding the safety of that location: “There’s no amount of safety features that will protect a driver going too fast.”