Breaking: Photobucket Acquired By MySpace (Update: Confirmed)

OK, just another reason to switch to Zooomr instead of Photobucket (no – I am not a MySpace fan :)). 

UPDATE: See also MySpace and Photobucket: Timeline of Events UPDATE 2: upgrading this from rumor to fact. Price is in the range of the $300 million PB was looking for.

Source: Breaking: Photobucket Acquired By MySpace (Update: Confirmed)


  1. Now, just waiting for Zooomr to launch Mark III or have someone buy it out (hopefully Microsoft)…

    Hoping to see ya at Zooomr, Rob!

  2. @Deannie – The moved into video sharing fairly recently – MySpacers use Photobucket to store pictures they then reference to on their MySpace profiles.

    This is probably a good acquisition for MySpace, but maybe bad for people that use Photobucket, but don’t use MySpace.

    Time will tell. It will be interesting to see what MySpace does with Photbucket.

  3. Isn’t Photobucket’s big thing video hosting though? That is likely what MySpace is reaching for in competition with YouTube, not so much the picture hosting aspect.