Browser plug-in idea

To break up the monotony of the day – yet still increase your chances of learning new things:

A Widget, or toolbar that you can preset to give you a random page from Wikipedia at specific (or random) intervals.

Old business may not like this, but I find it helps me to think when I occasionally have to STOP thinking about what my current task is, and think about something else.

I honestly believe it’s like letting the brain go and process information in the background – without all of the sensory clutter the conscious brain has to deal with.  I think the “background brain” is very effective in solving problems that the conscious brain hasn’t been able to.

Random sites on Wikipedia are very interesting – you learn the most unexpected stuff!  This could even be turned into a “” type of idea – where users rate the “interestingness” of the article.

It at least sounds fun.

Anyway – there’s an idea for someone.  If you make anything off of it, buy me an Amazon gift certificate!




  1. Well, you can do something similar already: just put the following link on your Links-bar. The only problem is you have to click it yourself, but that’s only a problem if you’re a lazy bum.

  2. I guess that would make it easier but heck, I don’t need it to be too easy…I struggle enough on focus when I have so many things going on to distract me. That toolbar would MOCK me. As it is, I find enough random things to search to keep myself sufficiently entertained…