Building Something?

Every time I have found myself boxed into a very narrow role, I have both failed at my job, and hated my job.

I like a lot of diversity.  Some say I thrive on chaos.  Fine – I agree with them.  But it isn’t exactly chaos I enjoy so much. Chaos is chaotic!  I do like things to be in some control, but I also like to change things up often.  I have a short attention span, but I can have very sharp focus when I need to… just not over a lot of time.

I love the fact that in my current role I may be planning an event, or talking to a large new customer.  I may be helping a current customer, or discussing Cloud Computing on a podcast.  I may be acting as an evangelist, or courting a new one.

The fundemental thing that never changes though is that I love learning and teaching.  That’s why I find to be such an intersting project.

Our goal is to teach real companies, real businesses, and real people how to use the Internet “for the win”.

You run a small business?  Have a web site?  Does it suck?  I bet the answer is yes.  Most do.

But what if you could bring your site to life?  What if you could populate it with real people.  With your customers?  What if you could make it truly “alive”?

Is that hard, or expensive?  Turns out it isn’t.  It isn’t even complicated.  It IS a bit confusing.

Building43 aims to clear that confusion – to show you how simple it can be to turn your static website into a dynamic community for your customers.  We want to help you make more money.  We want to help every business grow.  Lofty goals, I realize – but if you fail to shoot high, you will fail to deliver much.

This won’t be easy.  At first, some won’t trust us – fine, we will earn that trust.  Some won’t believe us (and some never will).  Won’t waste time on them.

But if you want to join us – in a community of teachers and learners – stay tuned.  We’re close to launching!



  1. Eran Even-Kesef says:

    I am so excited about this building 43, and I hope I can work with it to either help my company and or also bootstrap a business.

    Thanks for doing this!