Business Blog

Build a “business blogging platform” that includes approval levels.  Basically it would work the same way that any approval levels for spending happens in companies.  Some people can’t spend anything, some can spend a bit, and some can spend A LOT.

Every time an employee posts to your business blog an approval chain is kicked off where one (or multiple levels) of management have to approve the post.

I’m not suggesting this as a way that startups should blog – but maybe it would make big businesses more comfortable with blogging.  Build a blogging platform that allows corporations to vet information, and we may find that we have more Fortune 500 bloggers. 


  1. I agree it would stifle "free speech" in some cases – but there are certainly legitimate reasons to apply filters.  Society is too litigious to allow un-reviewed blogging in many industries (financial, for example).

    And I’m not suggesting this as a long term solution – just a mechanism to get more companies started in blogging.  As always things will morph over time as people (companies) come to accept that blogging is just one more thing they need to prepare for.

  2. See, that is just the thing. Then wouldn’t you find yourself wondering how much of the original post survived and made it? And how much was Marketing "polishing"? Naw, either speak or don’t. Of course, having an experienced speaker is helpful, not some kid straight out of college shooting from the hip…