Business Idea – "Right My Resume"

I bought the domain name over a year ago, I guess.  That was when I was heavily into Ruby On Rails development.  I actually had the site up for a while and had 39 people upload their resume for about 180 other people to "right" – or correct. 

Basically it was a Wiki where you used community to help you correct and improve your resume.  I got busy with other things, moved servers, and never put the site back online.

And I don’t have time to do so now – but the initial indications were that it is an idea someone should pursue.  If you choose to, I’ll sell you the domain cheap – and would love to be involved in the development of the new site (yes, no source goes with this offer – it would have to be re-written.  But it isn’t a complex application (fundamentally anyway – I kind of seeing it become a social networking application and that gets more involved.  It might even make a killer Facebook or LinkedIn application)).

Contact information is in the upper left. 

I’m going to start clearing out my domain names if I can – I’ll share the domain name and the idea with anyone that wants to build what I haven’t been able to!


  1. @Dean – if you are really interested, give me a call.  There was an ad-based revenue model, as well as a couple other revenue ideas I’ll share with whomever takes the project on.

  2. hum…do I take on another project?  I do like the idea though;)