BuzzFeed is changing my words…

I noticed a lot of traffic coming from BuzzFeed today – so I went to see why.  Below is a screen shot of the page I landed on as it appeared at the time of this posting.  I added the yellow highlighting.


 So the traffic was getting pointed to this post from yesterday.

But note what I posted: "I like Twitter. If you aren’t careful it can annoy the heck out of you.  So I am careful.  It is VERY rare that I am not on a PC connected to the Internet – so getting/sending Twitter updates via my cell phone isn’t that important to me.  So I shut that off."

Now look what BuzzFeed has titled their link (attributed to my URL) : "If You’re Not Careful, Twitter Will Annoy the Sh*t Out of You".  One problem – I didn’t write that.

It doesn’t really bother me all that much – I imagine they found it to be a more compelling link title.  But I don’t really like how they make it sound like I wrote it.


  1. That is impressive response.

  2. And Jonah – a simple fix: Just change “by” (and similar) to “via”. That makes it pretty clear that you are passing my post on, and it doesn’t indicate that I wrote the link text you provide.

  3. Jonah – Thanks. I had no problem with your headline – I liked it better than mine. But putting your headline right above “by” DID make it appear that your headline was written by me.

    THAT was my only concern (and it wasn’t a big one).

    But thanks for being proactive!


  4. All the headlines on BuzzFeed are written by our editors. This one was a little confusing because it was similar, but not the same, as the title of your post. When we quote bloggers we put the text in quotation marks and use the exact wording. Since you don’t like the old one, I switched the headline for you.