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I rarely quote an entire post – but in this case I did (first, because it is very short), and second, because I want you to read it an click through to see my comment – which is also short.

But this is what the world wide web will look like in the future – your computer will know not only what you want (a new digital camera), but what you need (service on your refrigerator).

Widgets, in one form or another will deliver this information to you.  And you’ll enjoy it 🙂


About a week ago, Facebook made noises about launching classifieds and now MySpace has made a deal to take on job ads. This is the next stage of the classified meltdown. Stage 1: They move from newspapers to new services, like Craigslist and Monster, online. Stage 2: They move into communities like Facebook and Myspace. Phase 3, yet to come: They are distributed, no longer in a centralized marketplace, and technology brings them together.

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