Call it "pandering" to Scoble if you must…

But this interview is an excellent example of the genius of Scoble.  He not only makes astute observations, but he asks question just when I would have asked questions.

He isn’t only technically savvy, but he “gets” people – a wide variety of people.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with really smart people – geniuses – people that helped create the network, the personal computer, portable computing and wide access to the Internet via WiFi.

Robert handles very smart people extremely well.

And this guy interviewed is “only” an Assistant Professor at Stanford!

The interview is very well done, very interesting, and I have watched it twice already.

If you aren’t interested in the technology aspect, just watch Robert work the interview for the first five minutes.

Nope – not pandering.  But respectful of Robert’s natural ability to not only draw people out (and to draw them in) but to manage a conversation – without yelling and sniping like most TV talk show hosts.  He just nudges things the way he wants them to go.