Calling Bullsh*it on this one

I read a blog post the other day that talked about “ten tips to successful blogging”, or something of the sort.

One of the things they said it to “never apologize for not posting in a while – your readers don’t care, and it makes you look weak:”

I don’t believe that.  So I am posting to let you know I am busy.  I’ll get back to my blog in a bigger way later in the week – just trying to complete some time sentisitve stuff right now.

Especially to those of you who have been kind about my “Spring of 1982” series of motorcycle posts – I don’t want to keep you waiting for too long.  I’ll get an update out this week. (But don’t just IM me or email me – post a comment!)

Part five is basically a weather post – the weather has an amazing impact on our next few days of the trip.  Amazing that wind can be so powerful!

Until them, keep the rubber on the road.