Cambrian House » "We’re very, very, very sorry"


Last night I received 16 email messages from Cambrian House – all duplicates.  I didn’t think anything of it – start-ups have hiccups.  I deleted the messages.

Then I read the Cambrian House blog this morning, and as way of an apology they are sending everyone who got the emails a free T-shirt.

Unfortunately, we messed up our e-mail system and ended up sending you messages over and over.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for this – this is unacceptable on our part and as a community, you’ve been extremely forgiving during our Beta ++ period. Our team is on it and will do whatever it takes to fix it.


 This is the picture that will be on the shirt – it actually says, “I got spammed by Cambrian House”.  Cute.

I’ll send my shirt size and address, as requested. 

I know this is also an easy marketing opportunity for Cambrian House – AND they will get my address – but I don’t care – I think it’s cool that they do this, and the fact the shirt actually pokes fun at them makes it even more cool.

Cambrian House has used some interesting marketing tactics before – like “Feeding Google” – but I think this is just an honest “Oh shit, we screwed up” moment.

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