Can the Blue Monster cure Microsoft’s "Blue Balls"?

What I mean by that is that Microsoft hasn’t really scored lately.  Pardon the ugly mental imagery – but it’s true.

What really sucks for Microsoft is that they’ve released some extremely cool tech lately.  In fact, Microsoft is probably more inventive now than they ever have been.  They are making some amazing products.  Photsynth.  Pop-Fly, Office 2007 and the amazingly useful “ribbon bar”.  More multi-touch tech than Apple or anyone else has ever delivered.  The new “Orca” release of the Dot Net development environment is amazing.

But Microsoft is in a “they can’t impress me” slump – seemingly no matter what they do.

They need to figure out not only what to build, but how to get me excited about it.

I think the Blue Monster is making Microsoft more “human” – and that’s a critical step.

Let’s see how Microsoft “re-humanizes” themselves.

They can start by getting rid of some of the restrictions they place on their software.  Don’t give me “WGA” – give me “Wow”.

Don’t limit me to Internet Explorer (or make it better so I have no reason to use something else).

Don’t tell me that I can’t install the $200 operating system I bought because I have installed it too many times (all on the same computer!)

Win me over with you amazing products that are easy to use – don’t paint me into a corner forcing me to prove I am not a thief.  Assume I am not until something tells you otherwise.  Installing the Operating System even daily should be my right.  I bought the software!

I honestly think most of Microsoft’s image problems (today, not in the past) are based on some type of DRM-related issues.  DRM sets an expectation between Microsoft and me.  I expect them to consider me a “thief in the making”.  Because that is exactly how they treat me.

Even sans any evidence.

And that is why Microsoft has “blue balls”.

And the Blue Monster can help Microsoft – but it cannot save Microsoft.

Microsoft needs to get laid- and they haven’t been treating me well enough lately to get into my pants.

It’ll take more that a kiss on the cheek and a couple of roses.  Microsoft needs to show me the love.

They can start by trusting me, just a bit.  I have been a Microsoft customer for 20+ years.  I deserve some level of trust. 


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  2. Works? Probably!

    And, WTF is that thanks for? 😉

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  4. I’ve bugged you about this a long time ago, and I’m goanna bug you about this again. Where’s the “Subscribe to comments to this post” plugin? You have every friggin plugin on the planet on this blog, but not that one? Steve’s probably not goanna see your return comment. Please? Can we have that plugin?

  5. @Steve – thanks for stopping by, and for your comment. I know the Blue Monster won’t change products – not until it changes Microsoft. And I think it is – slowly. People like you, and Hugh, are helping.

    Your DRM initiatives are not though. I can’t install Vista anymore on my machine without calling Microsoft and getting some kind of permission – that’s not fair to me, or cost effective to you. I own four copies of Vista. Never used one illegally. But I re-install often because testing/reconfiguring is what I do.

    Fix the perception I have that Microsoft assumes I am stealing from them and you make great strides – the Blue Monster CAN help with that. The Blue Monster can help me trust you – as long as you treat me with the same level of trust.

    Again, thank for stopping by.


  6. some very fair comments in there and I hope Blue Monster can help affect some of these changes. Maybe not in products but certainly in culture and approach…which in turn could affect products. i hope!



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