Can you get a new tooth at 46 years old?

I know – your answer is “NO”.  But you are wrong.

I’ve had a pain in my back left jaw for 5-6 days.  It caused headaches.  It hurt.  And today I went to the Dentist.

And yes, I am cutting a new tooth.

My Dentist has never seen anything like it, although he assures me has read about it.

So here I am – 46 years old (45, actually – I turn 46 on 07/07/07 (and YES – I do plan on being in a Casino that day)) and I am teething.  Freaking cutting a tooth!

I would have my kids delivering ice cubes and ice cream to me if they were home.  But they aren’t.  They are teenagers, and they have their own agendas now. 

So I sit here alone.  Freaking  teething!

But I have tequila – and since it and teething both start with “T”, I am combining them into a mashup.  I am teething still – but it doesn’t hurt much right now.


  1. I have to say it… Poor sweet baby 😀

  2. Ok, fess up, Paul – you just took them out and counted them, didn’t you? :mrgreen:

  3. Pervert!

    And a wimp?
    Let me tell you: I got new teeth too!
    TWENTY FOUR of them!
    At age 52!
    Don’t you DARE ‘wimp’ me, kiddo!

  4. 🙄 Don’t be such a wimp, Paul!

  5. TEETHING? You?
    No more breast feeding for you!

  6. I got a new tooth at 14!

    Rock on, and experience the growing pains once again 😀