Carjacker Shot to Death After He Kidnaps Couple | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News

 I just love these people that save me tax dollars!  And yes, I would shoot an intruder in the head as well, if I had the opportunity.  Trying to “just wound them” is a bad option – first off, handguns aren’t that accurate, especially when you are under pressure, second, wounded people tend to get very, very crazy, and third – dead people don’t sue. 

A man accused of carjacking and kidnapping a couple leaving a bar was shot to death early Friday morning. Deputies said the suspect carjacked a couple leaving a bar on Broadway around 2 a.m. The man took them to an ATM to get money, but they didn’t have any funds in the account. He then forced them to drive to the couple’s home in the 1100 block of Buckskin Bend, near Braun and Galm roads. While the suspect ransacked the home, the homeowner grabbed a hunting rifle and shot the man in the head. No charges are expected in the case.

Carjacker Shot to Death After He Kidnaps Couple | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News


  1. Well, hopefully Texas will enact the Shield Law before then… which basically says, “If you break into my house, I can kill you. And I can’t be sued for it”…

  2. “dead people don’t sue”

    Unfortunately, their relatives often do. For wrongful death. And while you may escape criminal charges, in these cases the ‘self defense’ guy usually loses the civil case (and all of his money).
    Also, don’t shoot the intruded point-blank between the eyes, or through the back of his head with your gun close to his body: that is considered an execution and WILL land you in jail. So if you DO hit him there, fire off a few more wild shots from a distance at random places on his body … It’s okay to shoot him in the back, but only from a distance. Laying in wait, ambush style, is also a no no.

  3. @Deannie – I’m only afraid of guns when I don’t have one!

  4. That still doesn’t change my fear of guns and that I will never own one.