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I am not a “gun nut”.  In fact, I have only met one or two people I would consider “gun nuts”, and without exception they were in their early twenties, and just hadn’t seen enough of life (or death) yet to really understand the value of the former, or the finality of the latter.

I do own a gun – and it is always loaded, and I am very comfortable using it.  I made sure both of my teenagers know where it is kept, and that they could both shoot it (therefore I am very fair and respectful to them!).

When I bought the gun I knew that I would use it if I had to – if anyone breaks in my house, I will shoot at them in hopes of stopping them cold.  I will shoot at them to kill them.  I will not give them the chance to kill me, or my children.  I did not break into their home – they broke into mine.  And yes – if it’s a teenager I would still take the shot — unless I was sure they could not harm me.

And to me that’s the crux of the “Castle Doctrine”.  It basically puts criminals on notice that I don’t have to wait to see if you have a gun or knife (or know karate, or whatever) before I shoot you.  You are in my home.  I shoot first, and answer the questions the cops have later.  I do not have to prove anything other than you broke into my house.  Bang!  I’m safe, you are dead.

I am not a hunter – I outgrew that with cold-ass mornings waiting (hoping) to see something to shoot at.  I haven’t hunted since I was 14.  I don’t own a gun to hunt.  I own a gun to protect me, and mine.  And I will use it – I won’t wait for you to threaten me – the fact you broke in my house is threat enough.  If I get the first shots off, you will probably be dead.  I can empty a 14 shot clip in seconds – so I don’t even have to be very accurate – just determined (and I have extra fully-loaded clips).  And if you break into my home, I will be as determined as a mother bear protecting her cubs – except I will be a very pissed off and well armed poppa bear protecting his cubs.

The Discovery Channel tells viewers to never approach a bear den, or a bear cub – they caution against an angry momma bear killing you – and that’s what this proposed law is telling you – stay away from dangerous places (like breaking into people’s homes).  Because people are animals too – and my natural instinct will be to protect my cubs.  And I have no problem taking a human life to accomplish that.  When it comes to my decent, honest, and bright children, and someone breaking into my house, I think my choice is pretty damn clear.

And no matter if this new law passes or not, I’ve already made my choice.  Break in my house and you are deciding it is worth dying for.

Just to clear things up – I can already shoot someone breaking into my house.  But I might get sued by the surviving family if I can’t prove that life was threatened.  But I don’t go to jail.  Well – I have insurance!  This law would make it simple – break in, get shot, die, no law suit.  Bummer.  Crooks don’t win?  Imagine.

I would suggest that the family of one of these victims thieves stop considering which attorney to call and instead consider where they failed in instilling basic values in their relative.

I hope I never have to aim a gun at someone again – but if I do – it will be to kill them.  It’s that simple.  So stay away from my house (my neighbor is anti-gun – try his house).

<end rant>



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