And the Winner Is… Me! (and Mosso)

I have just accepted a position as Director of Software Development for Mosso.

Mosso is based in San Antonio, and is part of Rackspace.

So, why did I choose Mosso?  From the web site:

We started Mosso because we knew there were web developers who wanted a reliable platform for their applications and email–without being the ones responsible for all the technology.

Basically, Mosso does, on a much larger scale, what I have been doing as a consultant for the last few years – stripping as much of the technology details as possible out of the lives of people that have an idea and/or dream – they want to build the idea, not manage the server, or the databases.  They want to be able to focus on building what they envision.  I’ve helped people focus on that – Mosso lets thousands of people do the same.

That’s what Mosso does.  And more.  And in very cool ways.

Mosso also passed all of my test points:

  • I need to build teams.
  • I need to work with smart people.
  • I need a voice.
  • I need responsibility, accountability, AND authority.
  • I need the security of a larger company with the atmosphere of a startup.
  • I needed a company that is nimble – it can quickly adjust to change, and new ideas.
  • My work must have value to me, and to others.
  • The impact has to have a large footprint.  I like building big!

So, how did Mosso do on this list?  Extremely well.  I will not be building one team – but several teams.  I have met some of the smartest people – all in one company in downtown San Antonio.

My position is a senior one – I will eventually have a large team – and many of them I will need to hire.  That is important work that is important to the company, and to my new coworkers.  I’ll be allowed to run my teams and do my job – I’ll be helping grow/invent/implement some very cool technology.

The work environment is amazing – we have real humans at Mosso 24/7.  We have developers on call 24/7.  We work 24/7 (so you don’t have to!).  Developers build their own schedules for covering “on call” – they don’t need a “manager” – they are managing quite well right now :)  So I will focus on improving our processes and hiring more talented people (call me if you are interested – 210-845-4440).

New employees get their choice of computers.  You want a Windows desktop? – no problem.  One monitor, or two?  You want a 17” MacBook Pro (I Do!) – that’s cool as well.  One monitor, or two?  It’s really up to you.  Since we are building computing for the cloud, the systems we personally choose don’t really matter (except for where you feel most productive!).

Like any startup, you have a lot to do – your job description might as well read, “Succeed”.  I like that.  But we’re also backed by Rackspace – a very strong company (and a very cool company to work at in their own right – they’ve won a lot of awards for being a cool place to work).

I first met the Mosso crew when I invited Robert Scoble to come to San Antonio – I was just introduced to a couple of them – I didn’t get a chance to talk to them.  But a few weeks later I looked into what they were doing.  I became a customer.  I was (and am even more so now) impressed.  Those blog posts started a conversation that eventually led to here.  It was not planned.

But I am very pleased to be in an exciting position at Mosso – and am very happy to be part of the Rackspace family.  I am a Racker, and already proud of it 🙂

I won’t be able to talk much about what I am doing for a while.  But once I can, I’ll be sure to share my experience with you.

But as I learn more about Mosso, and what my teams look like – I’ll share that with you. 

Because I wouldn’t go to work for a company that didn’t excite me   And challenge me.

This one does.

Earth Day


CPS Energy is America’s leading supplier of wind power

Unlike my water company, I actually have a high regard for my local power company.

It is a city-owned utility, making it one of the least expensive power companies of major US cities.

It also produces 40% of it’s power emissions-free.

And now Texas is the largest supplier of wind energy in the US, and San Antonio is the leading supplier in the entire country.

I can’t wait until people are accustomed enough to wind-turbines that they’ll let me put one up in my back yard.

Not one quite this big!  But maybe something like this.

CPS Energy is the No. 1 ranked supplier of wind-generated electricity among all municipally owned utilities, according to figures released by the American Wind Energy Association. CPS Energy currently has the capacity of supplying 501 megawatts of wind power to its customers. Austin Energy earned the No. 2 spot nationally at 274 megawatts. MSR Power Agency of California ranked third with 200 megawatts. Seattle City Light ranked fourth at 175 megawatts and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District ranked fifth with 106 megawatts of power.

CPS Energy is America’s leading supplier of wind power – San Antonio Business Journal:

My quiet toilet. Bliss.

A few years or so ago I bought a low-flow toilet. One that uses less water to get rid of my waste.

It’s made by Kohler.

And it never worked well. From day one it leaked around the “flapper valve”. Not much, but a little. Enough I could hear it. About six months ago it started leaking a lot more. So I bought a new flapper valve. Then another, and another. Still it leaked.

Today I went to Home Depot. They had a dozen flapper valves that all looked alike. I stool like a deer in headlights trying to make a choice. Eventually an employee came us the aisle helping another customer. When he was finished with that customer, I asked for his help.

Although he seemed as if he couldn’t care less that I was a customer he did ask about my toilet – the he found me a flapper valve made for Kohler toilets. And he walked away. OK – the service wasn’t friendly, but it was efficient. I am now listening to no water running at all. Not even a trickle.

But I wonder – flapper valves have been pretty much “designed” for the last couple decades. WTF made Kohler design a “different” one? Why make me take 5 trips to the hardware store? Why not be “interchangeable”?

Of course I know the answer – there isn’t a lot of money in “interchangeable”. The margins are a lot better if you aren’t a commodity. Even if you build potties.