Selling Out – One Post At A Time. Yes, I Sold A Post.

I sold a blog post today – literally.  Some time ago (I won’t get specific) I wrote a 32 word blog post that had a random (seemingly) phrase in it that recently caught someone’s interest.  The phrase was also the blog post title. 

It was a “catch phrase” that I just made up – but now, (some time later), a company is launching a product that uses the same catch-phrase I coined (some time ago).

Since the way my post used the phrase was contrary to the goals of the company, and since it was unique, and it had good “Google Juice”, the company very politely, and without any threat or fear of threat (they acknowledged that I had “coined the phrase” long before they had) offered to pay me to kill my blog post.  They just wanted “clear title” to the phrase – and they wanted to be found if someone searched for it.

I cannot go into specifics about the post (now deleted) or the terms.  But it was substantial enough that I elected to delete something that I alone created and controlled.  It would not buy a car, or allow me to retire.

Sure – that info is still “out there” somewhere – in Google Cache, for example.  But in a very short time the Google Juice I have for the phrase will be dead, and the new owners of the phrase will get top billing on the search results. 

Which is what they wanted.

I didn’t delete anything significant – there were not even any comments on the post.  It was, like many of my posts, just “something weird I thought of and posted”.

Did I sell out?  I sure did.  But I didn’t sell anyone else out, so I am comfortable with my decision.

Did I get rich – no.  Would I sell another post for money – I doubt it – this was a very unique situation.  You could not, for example, pay me to delete any of the negative posts that I have written about any company or service here.

Some of my most popular posts are ones that I either praise or punish some company that I think is worthy of my opinion about them.  I would never consider selling those posts.

If you are shocked by my actions go look through your blog history and tell me there isn’t a single insignificant post you wouldn’t sell to help put your child through college.  I am sure you have a meaningless post or two that nobody would ever miss.

I traded a useless, silly, and ignored post for a chance to get my kid through college.  Judge me if you wish.  I have no regrets.  

NewsGang Live – a Tribute to George Carlin

george At the very end of this episode we manage to get in a tribute to George Carlin – "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television".

I manage to get all of the words in, and Tina Gillmor did not edit them – as a tribute to George.

Those words are, “Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, and Tits.”

You can hear the entire episode here.

If you just want to hear me swear, cut to the last 3-4 minutes.

NewsGang Live is a daily podcast I have been doing for some time – although lately I have been cutting back in favor of doing real (paying) work.  I will still be an occasional guest caller, but I don’t think I will be a regular, regularly.

It is a quirky podcast that is currently focusing on politics, but also covers a wide variety of issues, including Tech issues (a lot of Twitter talk).

Our host, Steve Gillmor, just got his own Techcrunch property at TechcrunchIT

Microsoft Surface + Seadragon

Spend a few minutes looking at the Seadragon Technology in use with Surface – then fast forward to 11:24 in the video and watch something really cool – wait for the coke can!

Luke Russert Speaks of his Father

What an amazingly well-spoken young man.  His father would be very proud of this interview.

I never go a day without telling my kids I love them.

Active Duty Dads Get Free BabbleSoft Memberships



Babble Soft, an Austin, TX based company, has teamed up with EmailOurMilitary to provide free accounts for Military Active Duty Dads this Father’s Day.

I like Babble Soft – I wish they were around 17-19 years ago when my kids were born.  I first learned of them just about a year ago, and they have been very kind and friendly.

And I love EmailOurMiltary – an organization that makes it easy for anyone to get involved directly with service men and women on deployment.  They offer a ton of value for our servicemen and women, and even more value to those who feel as if they should be doing something more to support our troops.

So if you are a young military parent go check this out – what a wonderful way to allow our troops to follow the lives of our youngest Patriots – and to see their children grow – no matter where they are.


Father’s Day is this weekend, June 15! I’d like to wish all the fathers out here a very happy Father’s Day filled with love and laughter. I’d also like to extend an invitation for new dads to try Babble Soft’s baby applications.

Times have changed. Now more than ever before, fathers are taking an increasingly hands on approach in the care and nurturing of their children, especially while they’re little.

For all those new military dads who can’t be there when their babies are born or who’ll have to ship out soon after, we’re proud to partner with to offer FREE subscriptions to their applications. These applications are a great way to stay connected with your baby back home and keep up with its routine.


Active Duty Dads Get Free BabbleSoft Memberships