My favorite poker game I was in

I was in a Texas Hold ’em cash game with about 6 other people and I had won 7 straight hands – three of them on the bluff. On the eighth hand I was caught in a really bad bluff. I lost 20% of my chips.

The next thing I did was ask, “OK, what’s my tell? Seven hands I had the top cards and I try a bluff and you see it?”

Nobody said anything, but they were suddenly all wondering if this guy who beat me had seen something. So I started changing slight facial expressions and moving my chips differently. People were looking for tells, and I was giving them to them.

Two hands later I had doubled-up and later I ended the night the big chip winner.

All I did was disrupt their rhythm.

Disrupting rhythm can be a very powerful thing.

Teenage Hacker Is Blind, Brash and in the Crosshairs of the FBI

Imagine waking up to the FBI or SWAT kicking down your door and rushing in with flash-bangs and machine guns. All because of a “phone prank”.

“I give that guy props, but in some respects he’s not smart enough for his own IQ,” says Jered Morgan, a phone phreak known as Lucky225.

This 17 year old blind phone phreak may have been responsible – but he hasn’t been arrested (yet). He turns 18 on April 7, and many expect the FBI to be at his house for the event. And not to sing Happy Birthday.

It is amazing that phone companies still have such gaping holes in their security.

This is a long article but it was an interesting read.

Identifying himself as John Defanno, the caller claimed to be armed with a .22 caliber handgun, and said the hostages were duct-taped, and the father injured. “Defanno” warned dispatchers not to send armed police into the house. “I will shoot,” he said. In an effective touch, he seemed to address someone in the room “Shut up!” he barked.

The Sheriffs Office responded quickly. They called Gasper’s number, and Gasper told them about the phone calls and the bomb threat. But they didn’t believe him. Shortly after 4 a.m., deputy sheriffs showed up at his house, ostensibly to take a report. When Gasper stepped outside to meet them, he was taken into custody while police stormed the house. His daughter and his parents were inside, but, of course, there was no gunman.

The next day, Gasper’s phone was mysteriously forwarded to the FBI’s office in Washington DC.

Teenage Hacker Is Blind, Brash and in the Crosshairs of the FBI