Playing with Silverlight

The "Deep Zoom" Feature in Microsoft Silverlight (Silverlight 2 beta 1) is pretty cool.  To play with it I made a collection of some of my daughters artwork.


Silverlight lets you zoom in, drag the page around, double click to zoom, etc.




Click on the picture to open a new browser window.  If you don’t have Silverlight installed, you can get it here.  You will need it to watch the Olympics on anyway 🙂

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Just a quick note on the Photo-stitching that is included in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

It is drop-dead-easy to use.  And it can produce some pretty interesting results.  Like these pictures combined from the photos I took when FastComapny.TV was filming at Sea World, San Antonio.

Click to enlarge.


Here Shel is talking to Scoble, talking to himself, AND merged in with Fran from Sea World.  This merged five photos. I know it looks like four – trust me, it was five 🙂

Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 007 Stitch







This is a stitch up of a couple photos showing the lake at Sea World (and another coaster in the background)

Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 029 Stitch






You can get Windows Live Photo Gallery here.  It is free.



This could be fun. Over on the right sidebar you see this widget. Click on it and you can ask me a question. I’ll probably try to answer it!

The questions/answers are index and searchable. Interesting.

I’ll test it here for a while – feel free to use it!






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* Automagically publishes these Q&A exchanges to the blogger’s blog

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