I’ve Been Busy!

Lately my time has been consumed by a new project.- building43.com.  I’ve been building it with an amazing team of friends – some I’ve not even actually met yet.  That’s the power of the Internet!

building43logo I’ve even got a post on the new site.  But it isn’t my site.  It belongs to the community that builds it.  You can join that community.  Learn how here.

It’s been a blast working on the site.  This is something completely fresh – from the graphics to the design.  The content and the idea behind the site – all new.

My employer, Rackspace, is backing the site.  It is an interesting challenge.  It has been from the day we decided to hire Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica.  Interesting because the idea is so unique that it is hard to describe.  A site that has no revenue model.  No marketing message.  It exists to help people use the new Internet to improve their own websites.  Particularly businesses.  If we help a business increase sales 10-15%, perhaps they will hire another employee.  Perhaps the increase in their sales means on of their vendors needs to hire more help.

Perhaps we can help the struggling economy one helpful post at a time.  Who knows?  Since it’s not been done in this way before – nobody knows.  But we have sure busted ass trying to find out!

I encourage you to go look at building43.  I am very proud of what the team has built.  I am proud to have my name associated with it.  And I am very, very happy that Robert and Rocky are with us on this project.  On paper, they work for me – but in actuality, we all work for the same purpose.  We all have a burning desire to build something truly meaningful – something truly helpful.

Let me know what you think!


Cloud Computing Definition

My simple definition of “cloud computing” is:

Something a computer does that MY computer doesn’t do.

That could be computing, or storage, or application execution, web hosting – doesn’t matter – it just isn’t done by MY computer.

SaaS is the cloud as much as web hiosting is the cloud.  The cloud is what is online, from photos to backups.   Soon enough the cloud will have standards, just s WiFi has them.  And I saw how WiFi grew.  I rode that pony. The cloud is bigger.

But it needs standards.  Soon.  At least in nomenclature.


"Cloud Computing"

Cloud computing (basically having either the application or the data  running/residing on the web somewhere) has been talked about a lot in the last dew weeks.  Seems to be a hot topic.

I blogged about it last September and still think most of what I wrote still holds true – the most successful “Cloud Computing” applications will be those that let me enjoy a rich experience with a local application, allow me to store my data where I want – the cloud, a local disk, both – and the application will offer a less-rich online application that allows me to view, share, and at some level manipulate that data.

That’s pretty much the Holy Grail for me – at least until I get a rock solid 100 MB download speeds on my home Internet connection.

It is not the computing platforms, or the web platforms that make complete “Cloud Computing” unrealistic in the next five years (at least) – it is the Internet connection speed AND reliability. 

It is also the web browsers.  Providing that rich of an experience that works across many Operating Systems is very difficult.  Not impossible – I see some progress being made here – but unless the interface allows the non-technical to publish content to the web it will fail.

Whatever “Web 3.0, 4.0” (or whatever number we are on) will be, I can’t say.  But it will  allow the “average Joe” to publish to it.  Easily.  And for free.

Anything a Web Application can do, a Desktop application can do. Web applications cant do everything a Desktop can.

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