Cavemen should be stoned to death

Sorry – this show was absolutely horrid.


I wish I would have missed it. I didn’t laugh once, not even a smile. It was not witty, there was no dark humor, no light humor, no… nothing.

Even the website is annoying, immediately launching a media player that again displays to me everything that was not interesting about this show.

And the worse thing is they have now ruined the somewhat amusing commercials for me – I can’t even enjoy them after watching this soon-to-be-canceled waste-of-a-half-hour-of-my-life.

And following the premier of Cavemen is the premier of Carpoolers – which is also destined for the scrap yard (if the first 15 minutes are any indication). Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll rent a mini-van and pick up the Cavemen on their way to oblivion.

Not a great start to a new TV season. Not that I expected anything more. Between the “reality shows” that are fake, the “news specials” which aren’t news (or are fake) and the 11,000 versions of “CSI, Wherever” I’m better off taking my chances watching random YouTube flicks.


  1. @Actually I just counted – I have 37 books in my “to read” pile. But I go through phases where I don’t read much for a month or two, then I’ll knock out 6-8 books in a week. Right now I’m in my lull time.

    I should probably move most of that stack of books into my closet or something – somewhere that I can’t see how far behind I am – looking at them makes me think I’ll never catch up (which makes it easy not to start)

  2. @Rob .. clearly I disagree with you.

    First of all, I didn’t refer to ‘new’ books! There are plenty of ‘old’ books that you haven’t read and are worth reading! And I’m ALSO not limiting books to fiction only! (On the contrary! Pick up some “science” books!.
    In fact, I could recommend a few books here that, I’m sure, would deeply shock (and potentially offend), half of your readers

  3. @Paul – I did, a long time ago. All the entries are made by an automated random text generator. Only the comments are really done by me πŸ˜‰

  4. @Rob.. then you might as well stop blogging!

  5. @Paul – I stopped reading. Everything has already been written. Now all the authors do is take them same old words, change the order, and call it “new” – Bah! πŸ˜†

  6. TV is overrated, reading books is exremely underrated.

    Go read a book!

  7. @Ike – I have watched both episodes of Chuck, and I agree it has some potential. Hell, at least it had some action, and has some characters that are interesting!

    Besides – it’s about a Geek – how can I not watch that!?!

  8. @Kaylyn – I too remember the original. I didn’t catch the new version, but I did TiVo it. I’ll make sure I watch it now πŸ™‚

  9. I’d have to cast a vote for “Chuck.”

    Fun premise – could be the Get Smart for this generation.

  10. I’m not surprised about Caveman. It didn’t look all that great. Did you catch Bionic Woman though? I know it’s not the original (for those showing our age and can say we remember the original) but it’s pretty good. So far, I think it’s my pick for best new Network show.