CEO’s were spanked as children; should be spanked as adults

Richard Parsons, CEO of Time Warner made over 16 million USD in 2005.  Time Warner, a company loathed by every one of their customers I talk to (including when I talk to myself) for their poor customer service – a company that is too cheap to give their customers what they want.  Yes, spank this CEO – 16 million dollars in a year?!? Please!  Take some of that money and pony up for FOX-HD and the NFL channel.  Hire some English-Speaking Tech Support people and lower your customer’s rates.

Christie Hefner Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises makes $1.44 million (excluding stock options worth millions).  Spank her and her daddy.  If for no other reason than they are pornsters.

A number of years ago we got a new CEO.  One of my co-workers asked him, “When it comes to compensation for a CEO, how much do you think is enough?”  The CEO bounced around the question as deftly as a politician.  His salary was $550K/year and when he left the company he had pulled millions of dollars out of it in the form of bonuses and stocks.  Evidently millions wasn’t too much for him.

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