Change to RSS feeds (I hope!)

I just installed the Bls Feeds plug-in on my system – hopefully it will add an easy way for people who are reading with feed-readers to comment, without actually having to visit the site (of course, I love it when you do visit the site though!).

If it is annoying, or breaks your feed reader somehow, please let me know!



  1. Hi ya.
    I’m the developer of that plugin. It’s only a test to try if this functionality could be useful to increase comments rate in a blog with lot of rss contacts.

    I know ther’re lot of feed reader and each of them manages html, form and inline javascript with personal and sometimes strange rules (security, bad code, bugs, etc..).

    Any suggest?

  2. OK, I added it – no idea why RSS Bandit isn’t picking up my feeds – RSS Bandit works here with my feeds (it’s not my default reader, but I do have it installed).

    Have you tried deleting and re-subscribing (I know, I know, that’s like MS support telling to “reboot” and after you do that they tell you to “re-install the Operating System”)!

    I’m getting about 90 uniques RSS hits hits a day, so it must be working for most people!

    PS – IM me your sidebar.php – I’ll give it a go! – thanks!


  3. Rob, as for ADDING that
    server: no hacking required: all you have to do is: Site Admin -> Options ->Writing.. then simply copy/paste the above link in that ‘server’ box.

    Now to ADD blogrolling’s blogroll to your sidebar is another matter: I’ve done it and I’d be glad to do it for you too. If you have ever hacked your sidebar.php you could send it to me, or else I’ll take the default one .. let me know if you
    want me to do that for you.

    On another note, my rss bandit reader doesn’t pick up your new posts (nor comments). I DO get others’ .. Any idea?

  4. Yeah – it doesn’t appear the new RSS comment feature works well. I’ll look into it later today or tomorrow — I know the reader has to support Javascript to comment inline – on my reader (OnFolio) I get a “Submit comment” button just as you described. Not exactly what I wanted.

    I’ll look at adding the ping server you mentioned, but I’m still struggling with my other PHP plug-in, so I’m not sure I am up to hacking the sidebar yet!


  5. The proof is in the pudding, so I tried it.
    I guess you’re still working on it?
    When I tried it first (using the rss bandit reader), it WOULD open up a comment form, but entering data didn’t work (the space bar caused some odd behavior).
    When I tried it again, it took me to the comment form on your actual blog site .. so I guess this WILL work. But probably not the way the plugin was supposed to work.

    ANYWAY: unrelated request, in addition to technicraty, can you also notify ? Helps in updating everyones blogroll (if the use blogrolling for that: I hacked my sidebar.php script to do just that .. It has indication for pages that just have been updated, quite nice!)