Chicago to ban foie gras – U.S. Life –

I’ve never heard of “foie gras“, and based on the name I doubt I would ever consider ordering it (and knowing it’s duck and goose liver, I am certain I wouldn’t order it).  But I don’t really think it should be illegal for others to eat it.  I like steak, and I don’t want it banned, so I gotta support these people that want their foie gras – otherwise we might all end up eating fucking grass!

Link to Chicago to ban foie gras – U.S. Life –


  1. Paul Claessen says:

    As for taste .. I wouldn’t know. I think the point is that Goose liver is fatter than any other fowl’s liver, and that by force feeding them, they REALLY get very fat (and REALLY BIG, which is also good when you sell the stuff per gram!).
    Keep in mind: this is a FRENCH product, so WHO knows what it really is all about … They eat intestines and brains too, you know!

    Anyway, about inhumane treatment of animals: I just found out that the Florida constitution (yes!) has a section on “Limiting cruel and inhumane confinement of pigs during pregnancy”? (See *shameless plug of* my blog: )

  2. Well don’t we just get these livers as a byproduct of producing duck and geese for consumption of the flesh? And why isn’t chicken liver a suitable substitute? Does goose liver really taste different than chicken liver? I honestly don’t have a clue.

  3. Paul Claessen says:

    The ‘problem’ with Foie Gras’ is its production method.
    In the traditional French way of producing froi gras, geese are force fed: funnels places in their throats and then fed corn to the point that their livers almost burst.
    So it’s not so much about telling people what and what not to eat, but about the prevention of cruel and inhumane animal treatment.
    So, maybe the ban shouldn’t be on EATING it, but on importing and producing it.

    And there must be more humane ways to produce it. I surely hope so, because I love the stuff … 😉


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