Choosing who you do business with – wisely

I was contacted today by a guy called Vinnie (at least that’s the name he gave).  Vinnie wanted me to do some consulting on a Social Network product that would become a piece of an established web presence (basically, I think some kind of multi-site widget).  But Vinnie is a thug – he just wants to rig the search engine stats – note I did NOT say he wants to “Maximize results from SEOs”.  He literally was looking for ways to game the system, and wanted my help.

First, if I knew how to game the system and had no scruples I would have numerous web sites all gaming the system.  And I wouldn’t need to talk to people like Vinnie.  I would be in Jamaica, owning my own little beach bar with no financial worries at all.

Second, I won’t help break a rule, much less a law for someone like Vinnie – or someone that has only self interests at heart (meaning yes – I would break the law in some instances for family or friends, or where the greater service to humanity is an issue). 

Vinnie offered me real money – Vinnie has done this before, in different technology (IRC and Email).  But now he’s looking beyond email and trying to attach his crap to Social Networking sites. 

Beware a guy named Vinnie that speaks more like his is from South Florida than his Brooklyn-sounding moniker would lead you to believe.