Christmas Under the Bridge

christmas_under_bridge02 Today my daughter woke up bright and early and went with Esther Cole (RLF!) to volunteer at “Christmas Under the Bridge”. The annual event assists the homeless with a lot more than a visit from Santa. The San Antonio Fire Department, the US Army, Dental Schools, Doctors, etc, etc etc all come out to serve a wide variety of needs.

Fortunately for the homeless we are having a very mild winter. It’s already 80 degrees here today. But it is not always this tropical here. We do drop down into the 20’s here in San Antonio (and I despise those days!)

I’m glad my kids are willing to help out here and there (even though my daughter does have to put in so many hours a year of community service to graduate from her High School). Many of the kids get their “volunteer” hours by going to church. We don’t do that. But my daughter does go work under a bridge with homeless people and I think that’s pretty damn special. 🙂

To address the needs of San Antonio’s homeless people and perhaps spread some holiday joy, Trinity volunteers in December participated in the 10th annual Christmas Under the Bridge project. The event is sponsored by the San Antonio Area Homeless Action Coalition and is held under the Interstate 35 overpass at West Durango Boulevard and Pecos-La Trinidad Street.

Christmas Under the Bridge


  1. San Antonio Area Homeless Action Coalition Mary Mendez Chairperson PO Box 7613. San Antonio, TX 78207-0613. Tel: (210) 431-5702.

    Good for you!

  2. Raquel Rodriguez says:

    Would like to know how my son and I can volunteer for this event. Please let me know. thank you