I don’t understand this – for the fifth time in my life, I am a member of a class action law suit.  I do not want to be.  I never even complained about the issue this law suit concerns (Online Credit Reports).  (I have never tried to be involved in ANY of these suits).

But today I get an eight page legal document “explaining” all of this to me.  If I DO NOT WANT TO PARTICIPATE, I need to fill out paperwork, and send it back to some lawyers.  If I DO want to participate, then I do nothing.

Isn’t that back-asswards?  I shouldn’t be involved in litigation I have not started – yet I am.

Someone is suing someone on my behalf, in my name, and without my consent.  That seems inherently wrong.

I don’t sue people – if they piss me off enough I just tell everyone I know not to use them.  I may blog about them.

But being automatically included in a law suit seems bizarre to me.

Please, someone, make it stop.  Don’t allow people to send me an eight page legal document that I feel compelled to read only to find out that if “I win” I’ll get – either a free credit report (which I can get once a year anyway) OR two months of free credit monitoring (but if I forget to cancel it, I start getting billed for it).

This is NOT a case of lawyer’s helping people – in this case people get virtually nothing – and the lawyers pocket what I assume is millions.

Unreal.  I want no part of it.  Especially I don’t want to be bothered with it.  I don’t want to spend my time reading documents and sending back documents stating that I have no interest in something I had no interest in before the suit was filed.

How is this practice even legal?  How can I be signed up for a lawsuit “unless you opt out”?

This part of the law needs to be drastically changed.

Nobody should be able to sue anyone in my name unless I am dead, or no longer have sufficient brain function.

So now I waste my time getting OUT of this lawsuit – one I never wanted to be “in” in the first place!

Even if I “win” this case, I gain nothing.  But I bet the lawyers gain a lot – win OR lose.



  1. I got notification of this suit by email, and after reading through it (and wondering if it was “my lucky day” with the lottery). I believe it was generated by getting a free credit report and being offered the “credit protection” subscriptions. I didn’t take them up on the offer, so I don’t believe I’m included in the suit. But, I hate getting these too. The one time I remember being included, I got a discount on shipping or something paltry like that. So, my guess is you are right about the lawyers being the only ones who win with these things. I have been getting a lot of email about a suit against crucial / micron for some memory I bought, years and years ago….
    It is a pita AND a waste of paper…

  2. Here is the site for the current suit I am “involved in” –“.

    Now I did once (when I was looking to purchase a ~300K house on top of my already ~200K house) purchase a credit report – I wanted to understand why they thought I could afford that much debt!

    But I got what I paid for – a credit report.

    Wasn’t unhappy with the purchase then, not unhappy with it now.

    Suing them now, though.



  3. It’s even worse than you think…
    Got to this page: link

    FIRST read ‘the basics’

    Then… for fun… “how it really works” ..
    Class action suits are just a very clever scheme to make money for attorneys… in the end: for attorneys of BOTH parties!