Clipperz and the path toward secret sharing | Clipperz

I didn’t plan on blogging at all today, because I am rather busy with something new (more details later).  But I use Clipperz – I like it – a lot.  It’s the only third-party site I have ever trusted with my personal data – including the data required to access my bank accounts, IRA’s, etc.  Why do I trust them?  Because they let me look at their source code (and you can look at it as well!)

But this new feature, “sharing” that they are implementing is just icing on my data cake.  Brilliant! 

Soon you will be able to define sharing criteria for your data, the entire set or just a single card. It will be very easy to create rules like: “After 4 weeks without accessing my Clipperz account, let user XYZ have full access to all my cards” or “On the 18th birthday of my son, give him access to the card containing the details of his “child saving account”.

Source: Clipperz and the path toward secret sharing | Clipperz