Colds and Congressmen

I’m lounging about at home today – fighting a cold.  I got a call this afternoon that happened to be my Congressman, Llamar Smith.  It was a random (I assume) call to add people to a neighborhood chat via the phone.  I think it was pretty cool, even though they ran out of time before they got to my question.

I’ve known the Congressman for a long time – although he probably won’t remember me.  Years ago (too many!), when he was new to Washington he used to shop at the Radio Shack store I managed.  His office is still located right next to where the store I managed used to be.  I always like Mr. Smith, even before I knew he was a Congressman.  He was always friendly, and he always seemed to be looking for something to make life easier for his mother (large LED clocks, etc).  Who can’t respect that!?

In any case, being sick is way down on my list of things to do on a Thursday.  Sometimes nature sets your schedule though.  I think nature has more of the same in store for me tomorrow – I don’t feel any better now than I did last night when I first realized I caught a bug.

What really sucks is that I finally got Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 for the XBOX 360 today, and I didn’t even feel like playing.  Yes, I must really be sick!