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Heh – Jon gives a little rift on College, following up on the Violent Acres post from yesterday.  While I am less negative toward college that VA or Jon seem to be, I certainly don’t think you must attend college to be successful.

My son started college on Tuesday – of course, he wants to be a mechanical engineer (Industrial Design) so it makes sense for him to study that field some. 

But I’ve owned several businesses, did a number of startups, managed 50+ people in multiple countries and US States, have helped other people out along the way and I never stepped foot into a College Classroom.  Except to teach! Yes, I was a “Lecturer, per Course” for a State University.  I was 24 years old. 

All without a degree, all without a dime of college debt (until my son started!).

I don’t recommend everyone go to College, or skip College.  For some people, the Military might be a better route (it was for me – I know I learned more in four years in the Navy then I would have in four years at College).

Some people are just better suited to finding their own way – or they already have a skill and passion for something (computer programming, etc).  They can not only make their own jobs, but their own companies. Their own products.

I don’t really think it makes any difference which path you take – as long as you make the most of it and have a very clear goal for what you want to accomplish.  If you start College having no idea what you want to be when you grow up, then you are probably making a mistake.  You should probably go try a few things and get paid to figure out what you are passionate about – instead of paying a University to help you figure it out.

I seriously think the only thing a four year degree tells an employer is that you have the ability to put up with someone else?s crap

College is Good, mmkay? | Midspot