Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic, Seeding Impossible | TorrentFreak

I buy bandwidth from my ISP.  How I use it is my own freaking business.  This sucks, and does not bode well.  I have a feeling a class action suit will be filed over this soon enough… 

Over the past weeks more and more Comcast users started to notice that their BitTorrent transfers were cut off. Most users report a significant decrease in download speeds, and even worse, they are unable to seed their downloads. A nightmare for people who want to keep up a positive ratio at private trackers and for the speed of BitTorrent transfers in general.

Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic, Seeding Impossible | TorrentFreak


  1. @Sisir: Really? I don’t really think the people here have figured out how to do content filtering. Atleast I haven’t experienced any. Atleast yet.

    Or maybe, the slow speeds I’ve been getting may not be because of the lower number of seeds as I had presumed earlier…

  2. This happens all the time here…they block anything and everything they want to…..I managed to download 9 MB out of a 150 MB file after leaving the computer on for more than 9 hours through the night! And this in a regular download!