Comment Concept

It would be really cool if I could set comments to be “invisible” for a period of time – 24 hours, a week, whatever.

Why?  Because sometime I want to ask questions where I don’t want the comments to be swayed by other comments.

I don’t want a poll – polls allow for yes/no, A/B/C/D answers.  They are structured.  Comments generally are not – and I prefer the lack of structure when seeking feedback.


  1. deannie says:

    I thought that hidden comments were commonly referred to as ‘IM’? 😉

  2. Good point – I’ve learned (the hard way!) not to much with the core WP files (unless I am mucking something generic enough, and useful enough, that it would be added to the WP baseline).

    Maybe I could do it with a database change and a plugin – adding a field to the database shouldn’t screw with WP upgrades…

  3. Hacking WP is probably way easier than writing a plugin (there not being such a plugin is a good indication that writing one that does this is probably not that easy to do), but keep in mind that it’s gonna be a real pain when you upgrade to a newer version of WP. I REALLY think you should first check to see what it takes to implement it as a plugin rather than a WP hack.

  4. @Paul – yes, that would work. A but of a PITA for me, but functional.

    I have worked on some PHP code for this, but I think I really need to make some fundemental changes to the database, and to WP to make it work. Currently comments have three states – posted, moderated, or spam. I would need to add a new state – “deferred”, or “hidden” or something – so the comment isn’t in my moderation queue all the time.

    Of course, there is also the issue of WordPress not having an internal “sense of time” – bu there are ways to work around that.

    Thanks for the suggestion though! 🙂

  5. Until someone writes a plugin for it, you could simply change your settings to ALWAYS moderate all comments.
    Of course that would affect other posts as well, but that’s probably not a big deal, since a) you probably don’t get that many comments to other than the most recent post and b) if you do, you simply allow the ones for other posts .. you’re at your computer often enough to catch those!