Comment Spam Uber-Aggressor

I’ve gotten extremely aggressive in my blog comments Spamming wars lately, and it’s already having a teeny little affect.  I now have a script that looks for multiple posts from individual IP addresses, checks the IP address against my WordPress logs to see if the comment was blocked as Spam, and then adds the IP address to my “blocked” list.

I’ve taken it a step further in the last two days – now I auto-magically look up the domain email address for the Spammers and sent a pre-packaged complaint email to their ISP’s.  Intrusive?  I don’t think so _ I didn’t invite them to comment here.  Functional?  So far in two days two ISP’s have written me to tell me they have closed the accounts on Spammers.  One in the USA and one in France.

Will it make any difference in the long run?  Probably not – the “hard-core” Spammers will change their Spamming methods enough to defeat my new script.  I can’t stop the hard-core Spammers.  But maybe I can stop enough of those “part-timers” that are using their Earthlink, TImeWarner, and SBC accounts.

I’ve also made my “Bad-Behavior” plugin act much more aggressively to blog Spammers, I’ve extended my script to automatically add IP addresses that comment with key words (you all know them – drug names, etc) to my blocked list. 

I added an additional 130 words to my list of “if a comment has these words, put the comment on hold for moderation – do not post it”.

So yes, It’s been a lot of work keeping my comment section open to all without registration yet keep it pretty spam free (I have actually only had 7 spam posts get through in four months).  Is it worth it?  I’m not sure.  I somehow think that seeing Spam comments on my blog bothers me a whole lot more than it does most of my readers.

So I’ll continue to be pro-active in the defense of my blog, and hopefully I can do it in a way that won’t prevent real people from leaving comments – anonymous or not.

But if you do leave a comment, and it doesn’t show up right away, it might have gotten caught in my more aggressive scripting – if it’s not Spam, relax – I’ll review it soon enough and get it approved.

Tips NOT to get blocked?


  1. Don’t use keywords like drug names in your comments – they will almost assuredly get blocked.
  2. Keep the number of hyperlinks in your comment to one (two may work, if I have previously approved one of your comments).  Three will definitely put the comment into the moderation queue.
  3. I don’t censor cuss words, but sexually suggestive terms will probably get blocked.  I have nothing against sex, unless people are trying to use my blog to profit off it.
  4. Post from the same domain of someone I have already blacklisted – and yes, I know this one is unfair.  But when I see a lot of Spam coming from one domain, my script blacklists the domain.  This sucks for huge domains, like Earthlink, or Time-Warner.  But nothing stays in the moderation queue for long, and I do readjust the filters as frequently as I need to.

Finally, I would much rather be writing drivel then writing PHP scripts to combat Spam – but these are the times we live in.  *sigh*