Commenter click-through’s

It took just seven minutes from when I posted this comment to Scoble’s blog (attempting humor on an election night) before I got people clicking back to here to see who I am.

Yesterday this post on Mark Cuban’s blog also brought a lot of quick visits here.

Yesterday I posted some thoughts on this unmeasured metric and I was thinking at the time that it was the blogger, or the content that made the difference between who read and clicked through comments and who didn’t.

What I’ve almost decided since then is it is neither of those things, both of those things, and more – community.

Blogs that are impersonal tend not to get people clicking through to people that leave comments. Personal blogs do. Mark Cuban is pretty open kimono on his blog. Scoble and his better half (Maryamie) are both very personal in their blogs.

Blogs that contain just impersonal words, no matter how well crafted, seem not to get the comment click-through’s.

Anyone else out there notice this?


  1. I really am on the hunt for naked dancing babies and I figure I am bound to find that on a more personal website than anywhere else. Yes, the more personal websites definitely incite a response in me to respond back than not. Hey, if the writer is willing to put themselves out there, I am happy to respond in kind. As usual, just my humble opinion. šŸ˜‰

  2. I should also note another casual observation – getting linked to or from Scoble or someone either via comments or some other way has a different result – you get LOTS of spam comment scripts hitting you.ƃā€šĆ‚Ā  Fortunately I use Akismet which aught almost all of it ( >99% of it)