Comments Galore

I didn’t realize it until I was in a call with several other “unknown bloggers” like me tonight – but I get more comments per post than a lot of other similar sized blogs – thanks for that!

Since I started this current blog last August or so I have 723 posts and 1,224 legitimate (non-spam) comments.  That completely blows out anyone else I was talking to – none of them had as many comments as posts, much less nearly 2x as many comments as posts.

I didn’t say it, but I felt sorry for them – I can’t imagine how it would be to blog and NOT get comments.  Seems like it would get fairly dull fairly quickly.  And the best comments are almost always the ones where people don’t agree with me – those usually start a conversation – and that’s what I like about blogging.

Sure, 45% of my comments come from either me or a handful of dedicated friends – but they comment!  I was really surprised by how few comments some of the other bloggers got, so I tried to figure out why.  And here is my REVELATION: (stay tuned… get ready… here it comes!)

OK, it’s this simple – I ask people for their opinion – at least three times more often than the other bloggers that I was talking to (from a brief glance at there blogs – no detailed analysis like Yuvi does).  Could it really be so easy to get comments as to just ASK for them?

I don’t know – what do YOU think? 🙂



  1. Paul – I agree with your basic premise here – you aren’t blogging for anyone or any reason other that you like to bitch about stuff :). Good for you! I’ve been told I would have a much more popular blog if I just posted Tech/Social networking stuff. That might be true – it might be more interesting to some readers – but I’ve tried that before and found it wasn’t that interesting *to me*. And if I’m not interested, I’m not posting.

    I prefer my “Seinfeld” blog – a blog about nothing 🙂


  2. I barely can imagine what it means to DO get comments. I still blog, basically, to vent.
    That only three people and my cats read it doesn’t disturb or even discourage me.
    But I did start to try to make it a bit more interactive by, indeed, asking my readers’ opinion at the end of the post.
    That surely didn’t get me any more comments.
    I’m sure I can think of things to attract more readers (which needs to happen before I can get more comments), like focus on some interesting topics, SEO the site, shamelessly plug my site at every opportunity, and, above all POST more often… but somehow .. I just don’t care that much.

  3. No comment. Heh, kidding.

    I comment because I want to, because this environment has proven to be a safe one (I don’t ever feel attacked or called stupid for the things I say here) and quite frankly, the content compels a response.

  4. And to the two of you that just IM’d me asking why I was talking to a “group of small bloggers” it’s just a social thing – it’s not a Blogging Network. It’s a network of bloggers that occassionally get’s together on a call to chat about stuff – mostly simple things like the best new widgets we’ve seen lately, or a new blog-based way to make a dime.

    I’m NOT building a Blogging Network consisting of a huge amount of small bloggers that all work together to benefit the group. I’m not doing anything like that at all.

    It would be fun though – think of how you could mess with things like Google Blog Search and Digg if you had a huge network of bloggers with their own audiences that all had similar interests?