Competing with a cause

Go do a Google search for hostingforhaiti (go ahead – it will open in a new tab/window).

There are, as I write this, over 330 results.  This morning there were ten – and all related to “did you mean ‘hosting for haiti’?”

No, I meant hostingforhaiti, or the twitter hash-tag “#hostingforhaiti” – over 325 results.

Ten hours CAN make a difference.  In ten hours we got 15 hosting companies (my industry – and full disclosure, I work for Rackspace) together for a great cause.

Each company is donating in their own way – and at a level they can tolerate – but is also blogging about this, Tweeting about it – posting on Facebook and other sites, and getting both customers and employees involved.  How big will it get?  I don’t know.  Bigger than it is now, I hope – yet I am still happy with what it is now.  That is a LOT of money in Haiti and the Red Cross will spend it well.

And that is just pretty damn cool.

We’ve raised thousands and thousands of dollars and we have barely started.

And now that we all know each other – who knows what we can do next?

I like to imagine a lot.  I like the good in people.

Check the site out.  Give a little, gain a lot.