Connections found, connections lost

My cousin, who I haven’t seen in a long, long time found my blog today.  He left a comment. 

Oddly enough, just hours later his father, my uncle, passed away. He was 84, and it sounds like it was about as peaceful an ending as one could hope for.

I have reconnected with my cousin and lost connection with my Uncle today.  Bittersweet, to say the least.

My Uncle was an interesting guy – he was always willing to talk to us kids, even if the “grown-ups” were having fun in the other room.  And he rarely talked to me like I was a kid – he talked to me like I was a human being – and I think I learned something from that.  At least I like to think I did.

Find peace, Uncle.  You were a decent man.


  1. Karen – I’m sorry about your dad. The hardest thing about getting older is losing our elders, I think.

    Pat sent me the info about the service in Corpus – I am letting the clan know.

    BTW – noticed you have YALN (yet another last name) 🙂


  2. Karen Regnier says:

    Pat sent me this link and said I needed to read these words.
    I am so glad he did! Your kind words fill my heart. Dad was the best. He loved you guys like you were his own. We miss him so much! Love to you all! Karen

  3. I managed to get back to Illinois last year & saw Jerry, along with lots of other family I hadn’t seen in years. I’m saddened to realize that Uncle Jerry’s gone but so glad my kids got to meet the guy that really was the second father to the six of us. Rest in peace, Jerry. God, You’re getting one of the best.

  4. @Kaylyn – thanks much for your kind words.

  5. Rob, I’m sorry for your loss.
    Those ‘grown ups’ who never treated kids as children are rare, and quite special.

  6. Uncle Jerry was a second dad to most of us. Not only did they follow us whenever we moved, but him and Jo Ann were always there if we needed anything. We wanted to get up to Chicago last summer to visit but never made it. Am so sorry now that we couldn’t. Am going to miss him even more now then then I did when they moved away. And Yes, I was one of those he took to get my drivers license .

  7. I am saddened to hear about Jerry. He was as you stated an interesting guy. He was also extremely generous and caring. Your right he never really treated nor talked to us like we were children. He was also always there for us when we needed something. I know he took me and atleast one or two of the resyt of you to take our first drivers tests. It’s odd that on Wednesday I came accross Pats website and sent him an email, just out of the blue. I had not talked to him in probably 10 years. And now just a day later I find that my ‘favorite’ Uncle has passed away. We lost a great one and it saddens me. RIP Jerry!