Consulting on a shoestring

Independent consultants need to be creative to be successful.  You spend money where you have to – where you absolutely have to.  And you save it when you can.

My Apple Powerbook is dead.  I think it’s the hard drive, but I haven’t had time to investigate much.  But last week I needed to complete a review of a site that included browsing it with Safari.

I’m lucky – we have an Apple Store in San Antonio (it’s pretty new, and just damned pretty!)

So I went to the Apple store, with my IBM laptop, and I sat down at an Apple display desktop.  For 40 minutes.  No Apple employee complained.  Twice they asked if they could help me, as I browsed this site on the Mac and typed my notes into my Thinkpad.  But they didn’t bother me.

So it may seem I stole some computer time and bandwidth from Apple.  But I didn’t – they just made an investment in me and I’ll be buying a new Macintosh soon.  So they didn’t lose, and I saved some money now, when I needed to.

Oh – and I won’t be buying that Mac because I think they have cooler icons, or for the presumed superior multimedia capabilities.  Personally I like the Mac because I find it to be a better publishing machine – it’s just friendlier for writing, and right now I am mostly a paid writer.  Sometimes that writing is test reports, and sometimes it’s computer code… it’s all just writing.