Consumer Relations Done Right – Mitsubishi Electronics

Customers_logo_Mitsibishi Last year, I blogged that I had purchased a new TV.  It is a Mitsubishi 57 inch DLP High Def TV, and I have really enjoyed it.  So have my kids, and their friends.  They’ve played a lot of hours of Halo on this TV!

So this week, 1 year and three weeks after I bought the TV the projection lamp died.  Of course, it was three weeks after the warranty expired.  I called Mitsubishi parts and the woman on the phone was extremely nice.  I was in a good mood, even though I had just found that this bulb would cost me over 250 US dollars!  I was joking around, and making her laugh and she thanked me for not being upset.  I told her that there wasn’t any reason for me to be mad at her, and then I said, "If I would have called you a couple weeks ago when the "lamp" light first came on, I would have had the replacement by now".

Well, my remembering that saved me $250.  Remembering it, and being nice to the lady.  She put me in contact with Mitsubishi Consumer Relations – and they agreed to cover the bulb under warranty, since it started failing during the warranty!

Thanks, Mitsubishi.  I will do business with you again!


  1. thats right…actually lamp is the part of the tv needed to be replaced if there is redlight and no picture..and there is no exact lamp hour life on it since it is aDLP TV

    we cant blame mitsubishi since we chose this type of tv which i great. take note that DLP LAMP is consumable part its like our flourescent lamp at home.actually MDEA reps are great they will assist you.

    those bad comments from customers are not true. i think Customer are just innocent about the operation of electronic devices….hello its electronic not a perfect one that will operate for everrr!!!!!

  2. @Rob – I bought a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder auto – have never had a single issue with it. So when I was looking for new big screen TV’s, once I saw Mitsubishi I jumped on it. Figured they knew how to build stuff.

    They also know how to support stuff!


  3. Same story here, called customer relations and informed them that it was only 2 months out of warranty. Added that the manual states that the lamp comes with a 12 month warranty but adds it should last alot longer than that. She put me at ease when she told me that a replacement lamp will be sent to me as soon as I faxed over a copy of my original sales invoice. By the way I was always under the assumption that a bulb (lamp) will always last longer if you leave it on rather than turning off and on frequently, the constant heating up and then cooling down will reduce lamp life. I will always buy Mitsubishi.

  4. @Tad – wait until your kids are teenagers and your TV is on almost 24/7 πŸ™‚ Seriously, I bet this TV averaged more than 20 hours/day of “on time” over the the last year. Plus, I must admit – your house is MUCH cleaner than mine. So dust isn’t as big a factor for you πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m really surprised that your bulb went out already. I’ve had mine for over two years now and haven’t had a problem with it. Probably the best TV I ever bought.