I love helping people out. Sometimes it takes me only a second, and sometimes it takes more time. In any case, I am almost always rewarded somehow for it. Usually in an unexpected way.

I helped Kaylyn (a long time reader) move to a self-hosted WordPress from Live Spaces, and it really wasn’t much work.

204 But last night I was delivered a box of fresh David’s Cookies!

And I can tell you that they are quite tasty with a fresh cup of coffee!

Thanks Kaylyn – I appreciate it!

I love how small the Internet makes the world – it allows me to help someone I’ve never met, and it allows her to show her appreciation. Very cool!

Hi everyone-I’ve been on vacation since January 1st. Some would go on a trip, others would clean out their closets, yet others may even catch up on some movies. What did I decide to do? Move my blog. Exciting stuff, huh? I will no longer be posting here.

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  1. @kaylyn – The cookies smell and taste like they were just baked. Thanks again – it really wasn’t necessary (but it is appreciated!)

  2. Not much work to you, but a huge headache to me! I still can’t thank you enough. Especially since I seem to still be asking you questions.

    I’m glad you got the cookies and I hope they are as good as I remember. David’s was my first mall job when I was 15 years old. I can still remember that fresh out of the oven smell right now.