Corporate Values – why hide them?

I used to work for Intersil Corporation – actually, I worked for Harris Semiconductor’s, which was purchased and brought into a private company called Intersil Corporation.  We had the largest semiconductor ever just a few months later.  Just as the DotCom bubble was killing IPOs.  But we did well with our IPO.

I was a member of the small group of people that worked with the Leadership Team to define the corporate values.  We issued a short list of Corporate Values.  I am proud of them still, even though I left the company (through another merger/acquisition) years ago.

Today I wanted to share one of the bullet points with someone, and instead of re-typing it, I Googled it.  I couldn’t find it.  I went to Intersil’s web site – couldn’t find it.

Why not?  They put large posters of it in every remote office (and I still have one of the posters here in my home office).  Why don’t they put it online?



  1. You assume they think like you do but here is the thing: the real reason they don’t post them on their website is because they don’t actually believe them…sadly common these days.

  2. @Paul – Of course, ou know you aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know – but I aprreciate you filling in “the rest of the story”.

    But still – they have the same values posted in every office (I am told). Why not post them on your web site?

    I would have my corporate values prominently displayed on my “About Page” if I were them.

  3. It may have something to do with the fact that Intersil, the company you once worked for, no longer exists.
    True, there still is a company called Intersil and it produces semiconductors.
    But it’s a different company.
    The Intersil – Elantec deal was financially structured as a sale of Elantec to Intersil, but in all reality and for all practical purposes, it was Elantec that took over Intersil, but wisely decided to keep the Intersil name and brand. The Intersil CEO was sent into early retirement, the Elantec CEO took over, and renamed the Elantec Headquarters in Milpitas, Ca into ‘Intersil Headquarters’