Cosmic Log : Stephen Hawking in space

If they set up a “Send Stephen to Space” collection, I am so totally giving to it.  Can you imagine what new insights and/or motivation it might give this amazing man? 

British billionaire Richard Branson says he’s sending over a medical officer to talk with physicist Stephen Hawking about getting him into space. That’s how the founder of Virgin Galactic responded to Hawking’s comment that “maybe Richard Branson will help” him achieve his long-held goal of reaching the final frontier, even though he’s a quadriplegic who needs a blink-controlled computer to communicate.

Source: Cosmic Log : Stephen Hawking in space


  1. I think it’s a great idea, and, fortunately, I don’t think Richard Branson needs our donations.. 😉

    @deannie: Yes, our lives HAVE been enriched by the insights and answered questions from people like Hawking and scientists in general, and it’s therefore so extremely sad (and maddening) that there is so much science-bashing these days, especially from the more fundamentalist-religious side of our society, who prefer their naively literalistic bible-inspired views over hard scientic evidence.
    A few blocks from where I work there’s a small church with a bill board where they post some of their views: A few months back it read: “We should teach our children values! Not facts!” … Things like that leave me speechless. Btw.. I checked out this church: they have a website. Again I was speechless when I learned that this little church is being “lead” by two pastors: one is an ex Harris electronics engineer, the other one an ex-highschool math teacher. I also found this on their site: Unlike most churches, that usually invite anyone who cares to their services, in order to attend services in THIS church you have to sign an affidavit in which you commit to “tithing” 10% of your income. Oh well.. I digress

  2. Just another example of, ‘You never know what can happen until you ASK’. Good lesson to remember…the answers to the questions Stephen Hawking has asked have enriched the lives of us all.