Costa Rica? Never been there, but…

Email I got today from an obviously temporary email account:

Just so you know I am not a random nut, I fell like I know a lot about you.  Kr8tr, your blog, what you think is important, you do the Gillmor show sometimes, Yoshi is your dog, etc.

See, I am not a random nut!  I’m a nut that has an extra ticket to Costa Rica in August.

Wanna join me?

<name removed>, female, 32.

So, no – not sure I just want to jump on a plane and run off to Costa Rica with you.  Why don’t you email me, or call me (about box, upper right).  Maybe we’ll get along.  Maybe not.  It depends on how crazy you are, and how tolerant you are of me 🙂


  1. Naw, not believing that line (you, afraid?!?).

    You could use twitter and send a one word message like, WOW! or maybe just a short one like, ‘Warm at last’ 🙂

  2. @Paul – Uhmm… could be one of my LAST blog posts though! I know only crazy people bother to read my blog, so the chances she is an ax murderer are higher than average.

    I really would love to see Costa Rica. But I also really am afraid I would like it enough to not come back 🙂

  3. Paul Claessen says:

    Oh come on, be adventurous ..

    Think of all the blog posts resulting from such a trip!

    Pack your suitcase and go….


  4. err…