Over the last several months I have had about 20 phone calls for recommendations for former employees of mine.  It usually doesn’t take very long, but I always take the calls seriously – after all, a family’s livelihood might be at stake.

But the calls do interrupt my day.  They interfere with my train of thought, and they often cause me to put off doing something else I had planned on doing during that time.

But I don’t have a problem with doing them – what I don’t like is that none of these former employees ever called me back and told me the outcome.  I know many of them got the positions they were applying for.  But none of them let me know that directly.  None of them said, “Thank you”.

I probably say thank you too much, I know.  But I just don’t think people ire of hearing it – especially if they have just gone out of their way to help you — at no benefit to themselves.

Remember thank you.  You may need a reference again.  And it’s just courteous.



  1. I read this wonderful article here ( that had this to say:

    “Without the grease of manners a civil society cannot be maintained. Liberty can only exist when people are civil enough with one another that they extend the same courtesy of its existence to one another. This is the meaning of a “civil society.” And for that, one must have manners.”

    This definitely starts with ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.