I’m sitting in my family room, watching “Close Encounters of the Third Kind – The Special Edition” on the HD Movie channel.  I spent yesterday and today rearranging furniture – I still don’t like it, but it’ll stay this way for a while.  My back hurts.

But I have a fire going, and with this new room arrangement I can use the fire to my left to light my keyboard, even though there are no lights on in the room.  I’m just far away from the fireplace to feel the warmth, but not so close I think I may spontaneously combust.

It’s nice.  I love the feel of a room with a fire – the shadows dancing across the walls – the warmth caused not just by the flame, but by the intimacy a fire provides.  The comfort of the flickering tendrils of flame, dancing across my ever-so-fake chemically-infused fire log.  Oh well – it’s all I could get.  The recent cold snap here has made real firewood hard to find – and though I have a lot in the back yard, it is still to green to burn.  Next year it will be perfect.

No Green Tea tonight. Tonight I am sipping Jim Beam Black, slowly.  I love the aroma, the slight burn as I draw it into my mouth, and the smoky flavor.  I love the way it hits my stomach and seems to run through my body, first to my legs, and finally to my head.  It’s not a drink I take often – I save it for special occasions.  There are a lot of reasons I celebrate with it tonight.  I have a customer that is very happy.  I told a large company “no thank you” when they wanted to take a sample of my hair before they hired me (peeing in a bottle is *so* last year).

My kids are doing well.  My son is 4 months from graduating high school. He’s still a great kid – he still kisses me goodbye every morning at school – in front of his friends.  I couldn’t ask for more.  My daughter read two more books, just since yesterday. My dog is curled at my feet.

Some people need power or fame or something to make them happy.  Decent kids, a good fire, a wonderful drink and a dog curled at my feet?  I’ve got it all. 


  1. Uh – I think I bought it after you left. Yeah, that’s what happened!

    But the beer was cold, wasn’t it?


  2. You had Jim Beam Black in the house all the while I was there … and didn’t offer me any????

    I thought we were friends!

  3. Is nice to get a chance to do what eases and clears your mind. Not a lot of people get that chance and even fewer know what that really feels like. Working for the ‘man’ is a tiring ordeal…6 more years and I can retire from 30 years of federal employment. Am so looking forward to retiring at the ripe old age of 49. And don’t forget where that bike goes when you finally get tired of riding it. Will trade two ‘almost’ grown kids for one well-used BMW.

  4. 🙂 Very cool! Derek still needs to find one of those Job things. Sometimes I think he sees me staying home and thinks I get paid just to do that… he doesn’t see the phone calls at 3am, or the mad scrambles to finish a deliverable at the last minute. But yeah – the goodbye kisses from both kids every morning still make the very top of my list.

    I don’t know why I am in such a *good* mood this weekend – but I really think it has a lot to do with me deciding once again that I’m not going back to work for “the man” in a big company. I would almost rather face starving as a consultant. At least as a consultant I have only one set of morals to deal with – my own. I think realizing that took a lot of pressure off me. And the bike ride last night helped me realize that!

  5. A kiss good-bye at school??? Hell, all we ever get is a slammed car door in the middle of us saying “have a good day”…and btw, Alyssa got a J.O.B. Is kinda cool to hear her talk about her day at work.