CPS Energy is America’s leading supplier of wind power

Unlike my water company, I actually have a high regard for my local power company.

It is a city-owned utility, making it one of the least expensive power companies of major US cities.

It also produces 40% of it’s power emissions-free.

And now Texas is the largest supplier of wind energy in the US, and San Antonio is the leading supplier in the entire country.

I can’t wait until people are accustomed enough to wind-turbines that they’ll let me put one up in my back yard.

Not one quite this big!  But maybe something like this.

CPS Energy is the No. 1 ranked supplier of wind-generated electricity among all municipally owned utilities, according to figures released by the American Wind Energy Association. CPS Energy currently has the capacity of supplying 501 megawatts of wind power to its customers. Austin Energy earned the No. 2 spot nationally at 274 megawatts. MSR Power Agency of California ranked third with 200 megawatts. Seattle City Light ranked fourth at 175 megawatts and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District ranked fifth with 106 megawatts of power.

CPS Energy is America’s leading supplier of wind power – San Antonio Business Journal: