CPS Energy

My friends across town have been without power for about an hour.  No idea why.  I called a local news channel, to see if they knew – they hadn’t heard about it.

Come on CPS – it’s 2007!  Put this data on your website!  My friends called me, I have power.  If you were sharing information with your customers I could tell them about it.

It’s one thing to not provide your customers with power – it’s a completely different issue when you keep them in the dark  when you could very easily have a spot on your web site where you report on outages.

Just imagine how many thousands of calls to CPS might not have been made if you just told your customers what is going on! 

It is HOT out right now – it doesn’t take long or it to become unbearable.  Letting people know what they might be in for is just the decent thing to do – they could make choices, if they were informed.

Instead, they sit in the hat, and in the dark.

No excuse for not having this information online.

CPS Energy is proud of the services we provide to customers around San Antonio and in surrounding areas. It’s our goal to give you the most reliable, affordable and clean energy available, so you can cool your home in the summer, heat it the winter and light it at night.

CPS Energy